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VIP Me! Yorkshire

Biz Buzzio is excited to be developing a new online business directory.

A platform for the benefit of local businesses and residents of Yorkshire.

Beginning in the New Year 2023


VIP Me! Yorkshire will establish and build a massive and engaged audience of local people,

in communities across this beautiful county.

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Positions are available now for Trades, Services and Professionals which meet the basic standards: 

  • must have a business website

  • must have minimum 4 star rating on Google Reviews

  • must be committed to treating each client like a VIP

If you own or manage a quality business - or you are a tradesperson or professional who provide excellent service, 
but need help with a website and / or Google Reviews - we are happy to help in both those areas.
VIP area.jpg
However, positions are limited.
Our goal is to make VIP Me! Yorkshire a low competition marketplace for our business / professional Partners  - typically we will allow a maximum of just 4 competing service providers in one local neighborhood.
Zero Fee_edited.jpg
VIP Me! Yorkshire
charges Partner businesses and professionals $0.00 in set monthly fees.


Instead we charge per call received to your business / profession when local residents and businesses are inquiring about your services.

You get no calls - you pay nothing!

No risk - Low competition

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Only one requirement is to subscribe to at least one other digital services provided by Biz Buzzio:

  • Google Reviews Buzzio

  • Chatbot Buzzio

All these services start with a FREE No Obligation 30 day trial.

Secure your position on VIP Me! Yorkshire by filling out the form below!

VIP Me! Yorkshire Inquiry
(subject to availability)

Thanks for submitting!

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