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How to get to $100,000+ per year passive income in 6 months or less.

Whether you are brand new to Affiliate marketing or are a seasoned Pro - you would be wise to check out Home Business Academy - All In One Business System 


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Did you know that 9 out of 10 people will choose a local service business or professional, based on the reviews of previous clients / customers.

That is HUGE!!

The only thing you need to do is recognize the value and power of the positive reviews of your previous clients / customers.

Big Corporations market on their BRAND.

As a Local service business or Professional - your REPUTATION is your BRAND.

So let's leverage your reputation at the perfect moment, and get your website performing better than it ever has before.

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In a competitive local business category, you can imagine the online arena as like a battlefield,


where your direct local competitors are your enemy.

You are all fighting for the attention of local residents and businesses looking for your similar services.


However, winning the attention of prospective clients online is only half the battle - they can very easily still click away from your site, and very likely not come back.

But if your website can engage these visitors who are actively looking for your services, then you are in a winning position.

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In battle the timing of weapon deployment is critical for success


- and it's no different on the client acquisition 'battlefield'.

Reading Material

The perfect timing scenario to present your excellent reviews, and leverage your business reputation to the max, is when a prospective new client, who is actively looking for your services is checking out your website. 

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Displaying reviews can increase conversion - visitors to inquiries - on your business website by 270%

Spiegel Research Center

Your reviews need to be recent to be deemed relevant.

2 out of 3 visitors to your website will be more convinced by your business reputation if the reviews they read are under 3 months old.

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Google Review Buzzio presents your 5 star reviews to your prospective clients at the perfect moment.

Right when they are looking at your business - actively looking for your services - but wondering why they would choose your business? 

Reading positive reviews from previous clients 

Google Review Buzzio is the secret weapon you need on your side, to effortlessly win more of these battles with your direct competition. 

Taking Notes

Google Review Buzzio has you covered here also!

Reviews 'Live Streamed' direct from your

Google My Business profile

showing the most recent 25 Five Star reviews

- the most recent reviews being shown first.

Live Streamed Google Reviews 


Live Streamed Google Reviews presented to the website visitor, just when they are looking for your exact business service.

You can expect a significant increase in performance from your website.

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Live Demo


Check out a Demo of Google Reviews Buzzio on this fitness business website.

Click the Button to experience this cool + powerful website visitor conversion booster!

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After a few seconds you will see the most recent 5 star Google reviews appear at the bottom of the page.

Tap the Review to read more previous client / customer reviews 

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Then the prospective client / customer is presented with a Call to Action 

Just tap the Click to Call and they are connected direct to the phone number of your preference.

Or alternately the prospect can be taken to an Appointment Booking form

Reading To Your Dog

Reputation marketing is essentially a referral on steroids.

Same principle of a personal endorsement of your services, but leveraged online to become many times more powerful and effective.

Google Reviews Buzzio presents your business or professional service in the best possible light at the optimum time,

To grab a FREE 14 day no obligation trial,

Send a text message to 07934 135332

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